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Beverly Hills Party 

The brand new single by the



Peet Project_Beverly Hills Party_cover art 3000 x 3000 2024.jpg

Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy and the music of the 1980s seem to have cast their spell across time, continents and generations. Even though each member of the Peet Project was born in Hungary years after the movie came out in 1984, both the film and the soundtrack became a highly influential favorite for them

So much so that they created a track to capture the feel of what it might have been like to be… at a Beverly Hills Party back in the 1980s…

San Francisco Street (Peet Remix) 

Single by Gero and Évi feat. Stex


San_Fransisco_Remix cover art_3000x3000_72dpi.jpg

A laid-back, dreamy, and chic take on Sun Rai’s brilliant original song about a metaphorical oasis – pure optimism encapsulated in seductive harmonies and a comforting, rich soundscape

Co-produced by the Peet Project’s Peter “Peet” Ferencz, the track showcases the talents of prominent European jazz / lounge artists Gero and Évi, featuring an outstanding soprano sax solo by Tamás “Stex” Stencli

I'm Ready 

Single by Martina Király


I'm Ready_Martina Király_Cover art.jpg

A cool melodic rock tune to celebrate something good on the horizon.


Drums by Atus Zombori

All other instruments, mixing, mastering and production by Zoltán Dandó

Recorded by Balázs Pálfi at Sonic Garden Studios.

Cover art by Flóra Lázár

BELIEVE - Single by Gero & Forteba feat. Virág 

gero & fortebe feat. virág - believe cover.jpg

Sweet Lemon - album by the 

Peet Project 

Peet Project_Sweet Lemon_cover art 3000x3000.jpg

With guest performances by

- Michael Thompson

- Atus Zombori

- Feng Ya Ou

Tomorrow - Single by Gero & Forteba feat. Virág 


Good Luck album by Attila László Fusion Circus 

ALFS cover small.jpg

Produced with the kind support of


Produced with the kind support of

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